About this Free Dating Site

Welcome to Plural, the ONLY 100% FREE Dating site catering EXCLUSIVELY to Adults living in CANADA!

We are a dating site with more of a local community-based focus, created with the vision of connecting people just like you living in almost any Canadian city/town across the country. In this fast-paced society spending the time to find and meet new people can be harder than it seems. Here at Plural we’re dedicated to making it fun and easy for you to either find your other half or improve your social life -- anytime, anywhere you’re connected online.

Whether you’re looking for a casual date, committed relationship, or just something physical, Plural provides a safe and effective environment for you to meet new people. Our 3 dating categories, detailed profiling, and unique In-Person Ratings feature allow you to more specifically search for that perfect match.

Become a member today and see for yourself. It’s quick and easy, and ALL FEATURES ON THE SITE ARE 100% FREE. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain; a multitude of fun and interesting people awaits!!

About the owner (Paul Findlay), and how the site came about

Born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Paul has always had an interest in making it easier for people to converge, mingle, and meet others. In the early 90’s, before the Internet and World Wide Web really took off, Paul administered his own local computer bulletin board system (by the name of “Backbeat”). Specializing in music files and containing a number of message forums, people would connect online using their phone line and a dialup modem to post messages that encouraged chat and discussion. This bulletin board had only one node, which meant only one person could connect to it and be online at a time. Later on, Paul teamed up with his good friend Matt Thompson to create a larger two-node bulletin board system (by the name of “Chronic Euphoria Online”) using two phone lines and running on a two-computer coaxial-based network. This meant that two people could be connected and online at the same time. Looking back at it now it sounds pretty simplistic, but at the time it was exciting! Many years later, in September 2003, Paul began creating a back-end database with the help of his good friend Matt who was kind enough to get Paul started with the server-side languages (PHP and MySQL) that today make up the backbone and foundation of this website.