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Social Hotspots
Hip places to socialize over a drink...
44Sun Apr 13th 2014
Talk about places you've been, or are thinking of going to!
11Sun Jun 12th 2011
Automotive Talk
Anything related to cars/trucks/vans/SUV's.
23Sun Nov 10th 2019
Advertise your service here, and rate any of the services you have used! (Non-erotic services only please.)
11Mon Feb 4th 2019
Our Global/World Future
This forum is dedicated to discussion on our global/world future, and was inspired by the CBC documentary "Future Earth 2025"
45Sat Oct 13th 2012
Emotion Management/Self-help
We now live in an emotionally & morally sick society. Discuss effective ways of handling emotions.
13Sat Feb 23rd 2013
Feedback and discussion on the Plural Meet&Greets
39Mon Dec 24th 2018
Date Ideas
Recommend a good establishment in Ontario for going on a date!!
57Fri Nov 4th 2011
Investment Strategies
Share legit investment strategies to help win the fight against the tax man.
22Tue Apr 6th 2010
Calling all buyers, sellers, renters, and traders!
22Thu Nov 28th 2019
Law of the Land
Your thoughts & opinions on Federal/Provincial/Municipal Laws.
34Thu Mar 1st 2012
Community Chat
Community chat within the particular area/region you live!
911Tue May 3rd 2011
For Homosexuals, Bisexuals, and Heterosexuals alike
22Fri Jul 15th 2011
Good Humour
Share your best jokes; have a laugh and make others laugh in return!
11Sat May 23rd 2009
Talk about your favourite bars/clubs/lounges.
12Tue Feb 9th 2010
Can I Have This Dance?
For those of us who love to dance.
23Wed Apr 27th 2011
Spring/Summer Activities
Ideas for things to do in the spring/summer season.
46Wed Aug 24th 2011
Fall/Winter Activities
Ideas for things to do in the fall/winter season.
12Mon Apr 25th 2011
Hobbies & Interests
Talk about your hobbies here (cars, coin collecting, stamp collecting, etc.)
22Wed Apr 27th 2011
Talk about sports you watch and/or play.
712Sun May 8th 2011
Movie Mania
Talk about your favourite films.
810Wed Sep 7th 2011
Music to My Ears
Talk about your favourite music.
510Mon Nov 25th 2019
The Arts
Discuss anything from Pieces of Art & Art Galleries to The Performing Arts & Live Theatre.
Dating/Relationship Issues & Advice
Talk about issues you are currently having (or have had) with dating or relationships and ask for advice.
Sex Talk
Lets talk about sex, bay-bee!!
11Fri Jan 24th 2014
Circle of Friends
For people (singles or couples) who are looking to expand their circle of friends.
35Wed Nov 16th 2011
Pet Peeves
Have a pet peeve? Talk about it here! (What do people do that really bugs you??)
11Wed Apr 1st 2009
TV Time
Talk about your favourite TV shows.
48Thu Mar 22nd 2012
Fashion Fever
Discuss fashion trends, styles, etc.
46Thu Mar 10th 2011
Game Consoles
Anything from Nintendo to Xbox to Playstation.
25Tue Apr 26th 2011

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