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Evolution of Ontario Nightclubs

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Posted by Member # 1
Jan 22nd 2010 @ 01:11 AM

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Ontario clubs were SO much better in the 90's. Nightclubs are no longer what they used to be; they used to almost always have large sunken dance floors and almost everyone would be out on the dance-floor dancing after getting a few in them :P (remember Paparazzi, Palazzo in Woodbridge, Club Energy in Etobicoke, Club 108 in Mississauga, NRG in Burlington, Shock Nightclub in North York, etc.?? Those clubs kicked ass!!!)

I would say one of the only exceptions to this today is Luxy, which features a large sunken dance-floor area and two rooms; a very nice layout. Most nightclubs these days have smaller dance-floors with seating areas for bottle service taking up the rest of the space.... so more people will be sitting down and less people will be dancing in general.

Is this "trend" gradually making us more lazy?

I'm curious to know what happened to cause the average nightclub layout to change like this; was it the new smoking laws? The new, more strict, drinking and driving laws? A combination of both? Or none of the above?


Posted by Member # 2367
Feb 9th 2010 @ 09:12 PM

Hi Paul i never have and never will go to a club. From what ive gotten info on most people dont go to clubs for fun but to harass people and try to get laid and also go with their friends and act like big shots. I'm sorry to anyone that goes to a club but i dont really find it fun. Plus many years ago i found it quite funny to know how much money people spend on drinks and trying to pick up women and they would contact me asking me for money as if i were to give them money.

Most clubs are all about money and they want to make much money as possible so if they dont want people dancing they will spend money on drinks and bottle service and what not.

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